Tricks and Transitions Won’t Make a Profitable Video

Video Rant about Flashy Transitions

One night this week, I was scrolling on Instagram, and I saw something terrible. I scrolled upon a video of a pizza shop. The video was technically done well, but it lacked something very important, in my opinion- a reason for us to care. But what irked me the most was the amount of praise this video received, as well as the amount of copycat videos that were being made from this original pizza video. Now it’s impossible not to see flashy transition videos all over Instagram and TikTok! But what’s the issue with flashy transitions?

The Issue with Using Flashy Transitions

Pizza Video

I talk about this in the video rant, but in essence, the issue I see with these style of videos is that the emphasis and focus isn’t on the product or the business. Yes, what’s being shown on screen is the product or business. But the focus of the video is on the transitions, sound design, and effects. While this may be hard to describe in writing, you as the viewer, will be able to see it. I’ll post the original pizza video here so you can form your own opinion. But I feel that when a video is so effect and transition heavy, it masks the subject of the video. So how do we avoid that?

The Solution

Luckily the best way to avoid shifting the attention from the subject to the effects and transitions is to simply not use them! The best videos typically don’t have any fancy transitions. As boring as it may sound, standard cuts and the occasional cross-dissolve are the tried and true way to transition videos while keeping the focus on the subject. If you disagree, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to reach out to chat.

Thanks for reading and watching my rant. It feels good to get this off my chest!

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