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We produce customized video content execution for companies, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives.

That means we work with you to figure out what kind of video assets will best serve your marketing needs, whether it’s social media ads, sales videos, branding videos, or a full online course. Together we'll plan, shoot, produce and celebrate your goal crushing results!

How's this work in a nutshell?

1. We spitball some ideas in the consult

2. We make a game plan

3. Our team films the video

4. Our team edits the video

5. You give us the thumbs up

6. You walk away with compelling videos designed to catapult your business forward

Meet the Team



Owner - Cinematographer

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Messaging Expert

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Video Editor

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Post Production Supervisor

Working with us is great if you...

Want to uplevel your video presence yesterday

Need a big hit in views, engagement, and traffic

Have to convert your warm leads into customers on a deadline

Are eager to collaborate on creative, innovative, and professional ways to connect and convert your customers and prospects

Video isn’t just a good “option”

The question isn’t whether or not you should use video as part of your own branding and marketing efforts, but HOW will you use it?

“You get somebody who’s really invested in your product overall, and wants to help you make sure it’s the highest quality.”

Alex Carter, Columbia Law Professor + Author of Ask For More


Here's how we start

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1. You apply for a consult

Apply for free

2. We schedule a call

Take your pick of available time slots

3. You tell me your big idea

Small ideas are always welcomed

4. I recommend what the best option for you

Proposal gets sent out

5. You give the OK

And sign on the dotted line

6. We go to work

I do the heavy lifting

Kristian and Rick BTS

You'll love working with me if...

You like to think outside the box and want a fresh approach to video creation, production, and strategy

You're looking to partner with a pro

You have a growth mindset when it comes to video and are willing to try some things and learn others

You consider yourself a true individual and want your video to reflect that

You're ready to treat video with as much respect as any other part of your business and marketing efforts

You won't love working with me if...

Your first question to me is, "Do you have a good camera?"

You're not sure if video is worth the investment and you want someone to prove that to you

You need a quick one-off video

What you really want is a production assistant who takes orders

You're more concerned with transitions in Final Cut Pro than what you're saying in the video

You think there's one right way to do video (and you know what that is)

“I had to work with Kristian, I just had to! There was no other way for me to figure [my video] out in such a short period of time and so efficiently”

Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert + Host of So Money Podcast



After I've applied for a consult, how do we start?

After our 30 minute consultation, I'll write up a proposal that will outline everything you want to achieve with your video. From there, we'll start planning the logistics to bring your ideas to life!

What am I paying for?

You are paying for the sweet results of your video, first and foremost.

What you are getting with your investment is a team of experts that will walk you through ideas, scripting, planning, filming, editing, and every other fine detail needed to bring your vision to life.

You're not hiring some guy with a video camera. You're hiring your trusted video team. 

How does payment work?

-For short term projects, we'll do a 50% nonrefundable deposit upon signing the contract, 50% upon completed delivery.

-For video campaigns and long term projects, we will implement a monthly payment schedule based on our consultation.

Can I pick the music?

Absolutely! I have a music license subscription that has thousands of tracks to choose from.

Creatively, I have a really good sense of what music works best, based on the tone of your video. So if you don't want to choose the music, I got you 😉

Some of Kristian’s philosophies

  • It’s what we all want: To be recognized—for our work, our worth, our value. But how does that happen? You not only need to be doing your work—you need to be connecting with people face to face, via video content.  That’s how you go from someone they think they’ve seen before, to someone they feel they know.
  • The popularizing of video has made it easier for anyone to use it, so anyone does. Faster internet speeds, paired with the ready availability of video recording and editing tools, have made it super easy for just about anyone to create, edit, and upload video—which is why the quality matters.
  • There’s a difference between YouTubers…and people who use YouTube. I work with visionaries, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to use video to keep pace with the way people are consuming content, so they can grow brands and businesses that matter.