1 on 1 Video Consulting

The perfect fix to a
“I don’t understand why it’s not working”

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule a 1 hour Zoom call on this page

Step 2: Tell me the exact problem you’re having, and I provide specific and tailored solutions and resources to help you.

What’s in it for you?

Get immediate results

No more wasted time searching the internet for a fix

The ability to promote your video faster

Getting an annoying task off your plate

You don’t need a viral video to grow your business.

What you need is to be seen.

You'll love working with me if...

You like to think outside the box and want a fresh approach to video creation, production, and strategy

You're looking to partner with a pro

You have a growth mindset when it comes to video and are willing to try some things and learn others

You consider yourself a true individual and want your video to reflect that

You're ready to treat video with as much respect as any other part of your business and marketing efforts

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What is there to lose?

“What if I can find the answer for free on YouTube?”

You probably can! It will just take you 7x longer, and you’ll still have to figure out how to apply it to your actual video. Skip the frustration and get the answer directly!

“I don’t know how to describe my problem, so how can you fix it?”

That’s totally fine you don’t know how to name the exact problem! Just like most people don’t know what’s causing that weird sound that their car is making, it’s alright to not know the exact problem. Just tell me the general issue you notice, and I’ll do the diagnosis!

“What if I can’t fix the problem even after our 1:1 call?”

If you have a problem with the equipment you already have, I’m positive that there will be a fix to put you in the right direction. There are plenty of free and paid resources available that I can recommend to you based on your needs.


“I had to work with Kristian, I just had to! There was no other way for me to figure [my video] out in such a short period of time and so efficiently”

Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert + Host of So Money Podcast

Video is the medium. Bigger is the goal.

Schedule today to level up your business.

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