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One of the things I love doing is helping people improve the quality and presentation of their videos, regardless of where they’re starting from.

To that end, I offer a series of online programs (including some free offerings to get you started) designed to give you the basics. Perfect for if you want to do more, do it better...and do it yourself.

Investing yourself into video is great if you…

Want to test the waters a bit and see what you like

Are exploring different video approaches and styles to see what suits you

Are working within a strict budget and know you need to bootstrap this thing for now

Put yourself in your best light. Not sure which light to use? Get my favorite light recommendation plus a few more of my favorites!

Learn how to not just be seen.
Become recognized.

DIY Programs

10 in 10 Testimony Jumpstart

Let your fans spread your work like wildfire!

I'll Do It Live!

It's time to take center stage again

“I had to work with Kristian, I just had to! There was no other way for me to figure [my video] out in such a short period of time and so efficiently”

Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert + Host of So Money Podcast


Already started, but you need a few suggestions or tips?
Feel free to browse my free video content library.

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TikTok Reality #1

As a millennial who has grown up making video content for more than half my life, it’s surprising to hear that I just installed TikTok on my phone in January 2022. I can pull whatever excuse I want for not…

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Tricks and Transitions Won’t Make a Profitable Video

One night this week, I was scrolling on Instagram, and I saw something terrible. I scrolled upon a video of a pizza shop. The video was technically done well, but it lacked something very important, in my opinion- a reason…

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The Serialization of Video

Do you remember when everyone was talking about Game of Thrones and how it was so addicting to watch? What about Breaking Bad or Lost? What made them so good and addicting? Was it their high production value or stellar…

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