I see you.

For who you are, what you’re doing, and why people should care.

People don’t hire me because I’ve got a good camera. Gear is beside the point, and it’s a given. What’s critical is vision.

If I’m doing my job right, my best work should go unnoticed. What they should see is you.

A little bit about Kristian

It’s not about the video, it’s about vision.
Both mine, and yours.

It’s my job. To really see you—for who you are, what you care about, and also, how you want to be seen.

I’ve spent years honing the craft of being able to capture, curate, and create visual assets that represent who you really are.

Fact is, anyone can hit record, and literally everyone does. The reason I’m able to do the work I do is not because I have equipment and software, but because of my ability to capture complexity, nuance, and meaning—and help my clients communicate it through a visual medium.

There’s no question that I geek out on video. The gear, the science behind it all- it’s seriously so exciting to me. There’s nothing I like doing more than working with my hands, assembling, modifying, and tinkering with different pieces of video equipment to make the best, most efficient piece of gear.

But all of that is for nothing if there's no end goal.

And that goal is to use the gear to create meaning, invoke emotion, and see with someone else’s eyes. The best part about my job is figuring out how to make others see you more clearly.

More about Kristian

Since 2002 I’ve had a video camera in my hands. Granted I was a child, so I’m not claiming my professional career started back then. But there was something inherently magical about holding a video camera that just made me starstruck. In high school my obsession with video grew as I took my very first video production class. As I used video more and more, I began seeing how it was a tool to show people what they can and should see. It was clear to me that this is a career that’s not only feasible, but one that I would love every second of.

Not surprising to myself, I studied at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and received my bachelors of science in electronic media. In layman's terms- a video production degree (I agree, it was a terrible program name)

Right after college I worked in TV advertising as a producer. But that’s not where I started my professional career. In fact, all throughout college I was freelancing, working with clients, and producing my own videos for actual money (pretty cool for a college kid). The 9-5 life didn’t last long for me. Maybe a year and a half. I just wasn’t built for clocking in, doing mindless tasks, clocking out, and repeating the cycle until I’m 65 years old. I needed something more fulfilling.

Baby faced Kristian from 2010
Baby faced Kristian from 2010

During that transition of 9-5 to being on my own full time, I found myself filming and editing wedding videos. But they weren’t the boring wedding videos that people dread watching at family gatherings. I put an extreme creative spin on wedding videos, and generated a lot of popularity in my market. And while it was fun at the time, I knew my future had much more ahead of me.

I’ve gravitated towards working with businesses in helping them achieve their goals using video. More specifically, I mainly work with solopreneurs, who carry their business and brand on their shoulders. Just like me, they carry their business through the trenches and invest their whole selves into what they love to do. And those are the people I love to serve. The most fulfilling part for me is that I get to learn from my clients’ expertise, and grow as a person and a business, all while doing what I do best for my clients.

Just recently, I relocated from the greater Philadelphia area, which has been the area I’ve worked in for my entire professional life, to Denver, Colorado to pursue the next chapter of my personal and professional life (I’m very excited)!

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