Video Portfolio

Garry Herbert, Mayor of Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Garry Herbert is the mayor of the little-big town called Lansdale. When Garry approached us, he was looking to create a video campaign that showed the people of Lansdale the type of mayor he has been, and what he will contunue to do if re-elected.

Garry hated the idea of making a typical political ad, and knew that his community deserved more than a generic video. So after bouncing some ideas around with him, we decided to make a handfull of videos that spoke different messages. Each of the three videos had their own purpose, but they all were made with 100% authenticity. Every word spoken about Garry was genuine, and every promise was backed up with fact.

The most satisfying payoff of creating this video campaign for Garry was the fact that he won his election, and plans to use these videos in future campaigns as he rises up in office!

"I fundamentally believe that even if I was to have lost and I did this video, I would still be proud of what I did, because this is the thing that is the most valuable part of running for office."

-Garry Herbert

One Village Coffee

A mom and pop coffee roaster, brought to life with lots of love, caffeine, and video content that helps people brew the perfect cup of coffee!

They already made delicious coffee, but they wanted to go further. They wanted to make sure that their customers (their villagers) were able to get the most out of their coffee. That means brewing it to the best of their ability.

They reached out to us to create tutorial style videos, while also incorporating their personalized style and flare. Needless to say, we were well caffeinated during the production of these videos!

The Stitching Horse

A local leather maker, Michael Pangilinan, who has a side business making beautiful leather products, wanted to share his process with everyone on how he makes his most popular order- a bifold wallet.

We were all excited to create this behind-the-scenes video that outlines the artistic process of crafting a genuine leather wallet.

Kristian may or may not have purchased that wallet during the production of this video...

Gross McGinley LLP

As a very distinguished law film in the Lehigh Valley, Gross McGinley needed to show its history to the community, while also showing how they can help.

This creative video was the perfect mix of advertising, while conveying its historical foundation as the Lehigh Valley's most trusted law firm.

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