Work with KG Media

People buy with emotion. Video conveys emotion.

It's not enough (or a good idea) to blast your products and services through a megaphone and then expect people to buy.

Create an experience for your customers that not only is right, but feels right too.

How's this work in a nutshell?

1. We pinpoint what success is for your business in our strategy calls.

2. We create a customized strategy to magnetize your target market.

3. Our team executes strategy-led content creation.

4. You give us the thumbs up.

5. Our team implements the content on your marketing channels (aka social media, website, etc.)

6. You rake in new, qualified prospects and customers month after month!

Meet the Team



Owner - Lead Strategist

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Messaging Expert

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Video Editor

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Post Production Supervisor

Working with us is great if you want to...

Resonate with more prospective customers
(increase marketing qualified leads)

Be seen as the industry leader
(increase influence)

Increase customer product adoption 
(upsell opportunities)

Create a stronger connection with your customers (reduce churn)

Video isn’t just a good “option”

The question isn’t whether or not you should use video in your marketing,

but HOW will you use it?

“You get somebody who’s really invested in your product overall, and wants to help you make sure it’s the highest quality.”

Alex Carter, Columbia Law Professor + Author of Ask For More


You'll love working with me if...

You like to think outside the box and want a fresh approach to your marketing strategy

You're looking to partner with a pro

You have a growth mindset when it comes to growing your business and are willing to try some things and learn others

You're ready to go all in with a modern, against the grain marketing strategy

You won't love working with me if...

You think posting to social media once a week is good marketing strategy

You're not sure if marketing is worth the investment and you want someone to prove that to you

What you really want is a Gen Z'er to post viral TikToks

You're more concerned with how you look and sound on video than raking in high paying customers

You think there's one right way to do marketing (and you know what that is)

“I had to work with Kristian, I just had to! There was no other way for me to figure [my video] out in such a short period of time and so efficiently”

Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert + Host of So Money Podcast



What's the difference between strategy and implementation?

Strategy is solely a consultive offer where Kristian meets with you 1:1. Strategy involves pinpointing what success means for your business, singling out your ideal client, and figuring out the best way to talk to them and get them to buy from you.

How long do we work together?

We work with businesses in 6 & 12-month increments. This is so we can create and refine your strategy to attract and convert your target market.

We also offer one-off calls if you need just a little kickstart in your marketing.

What industries have you worked with?

  • Politicians
  • Law Firms
  • Realtors
  • Restaurants
  • Luxury Interior Designers
  • Authors
  • Online Education
  • Non-profits
  • National News Networks
  • Professional Live Speakers
  • Tech Start-Ups
  • FinTech

What's different between you and other marketing agencies?

Marketing used to be slow and steady. You would be able to make a couple of pieces of creative a year with a catchy slogan and that used to convert.

Consumers are smarter now, more than ever, and will automatically tune that out.

A lot of traditional marketing agencies still cling to that because it's the only thing they know.

KG Media takes core, tried & true marketing pillars and combines them with mediums where consumer attention is.

Some of Kristian’s philosophies

  • Businesses fall into two buckets–the DIY “I post to social media to promote my product or service” and the large-scale marketing department or agency that creates months-long marketing campaigns that usually create lackluster results. In both cases, a business’s marketing becomes stale and repetitive really quickly. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Marketing should be exciting to both the business and their ideal customers and target market! We need to stop thinking of marketing as a necessary evil. If your marketing doesn’t get you amp, then it won’t get your ideal customer amped either.
  • You can turn your nose up at TikTok and other social media that you aren’t comfortable with. Just don’t complain when your competitors are raking in new customers with ease from their latest social media campaign.