Garry Herbert Case Study


How story encourages action using the B2A Strategy to win an election.

The Full Story

Garry had a 95.6% Increase of Voters!

See more video data & metrics down below

The Backstory

Garry Herbert, a marketing director at Harmelin Media, wanted to make a difference in his town. He became mayor of his town, Lansdale, and when it came time for re-election, he wanted to make a big statement and challenged me with helping him craft the narrative around his re-election that would result in at least a 5-10% bump in voter turnout. 

Garry and I implemented the B2A strategy for his campaign. Months before election day, he started deploying the branding videos. He had the full branding videos on his website, while he posted the 15 sec cut downs on social media. Taking it a step further, Garry started using the 15 sec cuts on Facebook ads to drive up his awareness.

As election day got closer, and his branding videos have been thoroughly distributed, he began to deploy his action video assets. He posted his action video on his website (he got a lot of traffic there), while posting 15 sec cuts on Facebook ads. His action video cuts had a very strong call to action- to vote for him on Nov. 2nd!

I'm very happy to report that Garry Herbert was re-elected as Mayor with a 95.6% bump in voter turnout. The videos created from the B2A strategy added multiple layers of trust, public support, and confidence that Garry was the perfect mayor for Lansdale, Pennsylvania.


Testimonial Mashup

Garry knew the best way to tell his story was through the voices of his community.


Fireside Chat

Garry want to give the community a proper understanding of his next big idea, 5G Municipal Wifi, while addressing some of the biggest questions they may have.


The Call to Vote

As election day neared, Garry's community needed one final push to cast their ballots. This video ensured they knew who he was, what he stands for, and why they should choose him.

(spoiler- he won)

Social Media Cut Downs

Garry Herbert Timeline copy4

Want to Try the B2A Strategy for Yourself?

Data & Metrics

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 9.44.18 AM
Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 10.31.34 AM

Branding Video

(short form)

Testimonial Mashup

Total Impressions


Total 3-Second Plays

4,342 ($0.03 per 3-sec play)

Video Views at 75% or more

2,346 (41% of the target audience served)

Over 117 combined hours of watch time

Branding Video

(long form)

Fireside Chat

Total Impressions


Total 3-Second Plays

6,081 ($0.03 per 3-sec play)

Video Views at 50% or more

3,237 (11% of target audience watched at least 7 minutes of content) 

Over 377 combined hours of watch time

Action Video

(short form)

Call to Vote for 2021 Election

Total Impressions


Video Views at 75% or more

976 (11% of target audience served)

Election Results

2017- 1,446 out of 2,718 total votes

2021- 2,829 out of 2,993 total votes

95.6% Increase of votes from 2017

Garry Sworn in 2022
Borough-Lansdale-Pennsylvania_Garry_Herbert_Low_Res-2_350 copy

"I wanted to tell a story... Kristian and his team did a great job of immersing themselves in why this was taking place and how they could enhance it."

Garry Herbert, Director of New Business at Harmelin Media + Mayor of Lansdale, Pennsylvania

What is the B2A Strategy?

The B2A Strategy, or it's full name Branding 2 Action Strategy, is a content creation plan that primes your customers to buy from you by giving them exactly what they want- connection.

This "give, then receive" approach allows you to show your customers that you value them. And in return, they will give you their respect, trust, and most importantly, their business.

Kristian's B2A Strategy is made up of two branding videos and one action video. In the strategy, the branding videos are posted first to drum up interest, excitement, and trust. Once your audience is primed with the branding videos, the action video gets posted to direct them to act. 

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It's More Than Just Video

Once the branding videos and action video are made, they get cut down into bite sized video pieces and converted into different types of media like...

Freeze frame carousels posts

Blog posts

Audio for Podcasts

What's included?

2 Branding Videos

1 Action Video

15 Sec. Cuts for Social

Freeze Frame Photo Carousels

Transcript for Blog Posts

Stripped Audio for Podcasts

Closed Caption for Clarity

CTA's Targeted for Results

This strategy is perfect if you know video is important, but you don't know how to get started.

I help you every step along the way.

What's the Difference Between Branding and Action Videos?


  • Creates Understanding
  • No CTA's
  • Warms up leads
  • Entertainment for the customer
  • Establishes Trust
  • Puts Your Business in Its Best Light


  • Generates Sales
  • Strong CTA's
  • Turns warm leads into customers
  • Generate sales with storytelling
  • Create scarcity and demand
  • Track conversions to project future sales

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation to talk about about what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Choose 2 styles of branding videos based on your taste (examples available)

Step 3: Craft a story for the action video. Our team's expertise mixed with your experience will create a powerful call to action.

Step 4: Kristian and our team go to work!

Start Step 1 Today

The B2A Strategy can help you:

Create an easy content plan so you can focus on the business

Escape the bottom barrel pricing trap

Strengthen your brand foundation to be rock solid

Make your work more than just a commodity

Become seen as a trusted source

You don’t need a viral video to grow your business.

What you need is to be seen.

All Cut Downs are Social Optimized

(but what does that mean?)

Accessibility is the name of the game.

The posts that are the easiest to consume, win.

All video cut downs have the option to be converted to social media friendly posts with text, subtitles, and timer line.

Adding social optimization to your videos will increase visibility, engagements, and most importantly, consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What does a branding video look like?”

There are so many different ways to create branding videos. It ultimately comes down to what you think your audience wants to see from you. This is something that my team and I cover in our initial consultation so that we can create branding videos that actually resonate with people. Plus, we have examples of some tried and true branding video styles!

“What does an action video look like?”

The action video is your mission statement. It tells a story of who you are, and why people should care about you. And the ending of the action video will have a strong CTA (call to action) that will make the right people buy from you.

“Why can't I just buy an action video?”

An action video alone is like a cold call. You may convert a very small percentage of sales, but the majority of people won't buy from you, even if your product is perfect for them.

When's the last time you turned a cold lead into a customer in one swoop?

“What do I get when I choose to "socially optimize" my videos?”

All cut down videos will have built in captions, titles, and branded backgrounds, that are designed to be posted to social media for optimized viewing.

All video cut downs can be customized to fit the context of the social platform (e.g. TikTok, Facebook, etc.)

You'll love working with us if...

You like to think outside the box and want a fresh approach to video creation, production, and strategy

You're looking to partner with a team of professionals

You have a growth mindset when it comes to video and are willing to try some things and learn others

You believe your company provides real solutions, and want your videos to reflect that

You're ready to treat video with as much respect as any other part of your business and marketing efforts

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Video is the medium. Bigger is the goal.

Schedule today to level up your business.

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