Clarke Roofing & Siding

When it comes to roofs, no one does it like Clarke! That's their slogan. But they wanted to prove it to potential customers that clicked on their website. So Clarke and our team collaborated on a nice branding style video that lives on their website to show the process of getting a new roof, and more important, the work ethic of everyone at Clarke.

It was great such a fun time on set with Clarke, because Kristian got to be on the actual roof to get all of the details. The owners of Clarke didn't think he'd get up on the roof, but he proved them wrong right away!

Who is Clarke Roofing?

BTS of the Shoot

One of the biggest challenges of this shoot was communicating what shots to get in the moment. The problem was, Kristian was on the roof while Celine and the client were on the ground.

So we implemented a wireless video feed plus in-ear walkie talkies to keep live feedback during production.