Cogorno Golf

Eric Cogorno is a professional golf coach and online school instructor who wanted to help as many golfers as he could. After leaving the PGA, he went all in on his online golf membership program, where he teaches different swing mechanics, golf strategies, and how to enjoy the game.

He and his business partner, Mary Lengle, have been creating this golf school for several years now, while maintaining a successful YouTube channel as their main lead generation tool.

When it comes to producing their high end premium content, they bring our team in to ensure all the golf lessons are the highest quality possible.

Golf Membership Excerpt

"The product has consistently gotten better, the team Kristian has built around himself to enable him to be able to create that awesome product just continues to get better and better."

-Eric Cogorno

Eric Cogorno

“I know that when I'm going to a video shoot with Kristian, I'm getting the best of the best!”

Eric Cogorno- Online Golf Coach