Medical Man Cave

Client: Medical Man Cave

Agency: Valiant 3 Communications

Producer and editor: Kristian Golick


The Medical Man Cave specializes in hair transplants with the mission to increase men's confidence. However, the problem that they face is that men are skeptical about the painlessness and results of the procedure.

To educate men, I created a series of videos that walks them through the process, the reasoning, and the proof that the hair transplant procedure is painless and effective.

This project was in collaboration with Medical Man Cave's marketing agency, Valiant 3 Communications.

All of the videos were designed and edited for cross-platform utilization on YouTube for website embeds in addition to social media. All videos were cropped vertically for social media reels for maximum reach across all marketing channels.

Creative Decisions

Filming medical procedures is sometimes tricky. While the goal is to educate patients so that they are less fearful and nervous about the procedure, sometimes the visuals look a little scary.

That's why they knock you out first!

So to show the details of the procedure without showing the scary details, I made creative choices while filming and editing these videos. I used foreground elements to block some of the needles, filmed the TV view of the incisions being made, and used a lot of close ups of faces.

These techniques allowed the patient to understand what was happening without seeing the more gross details.

Both the client and the agency were very happy with the results!