Terri Trespicio

Terri Trespicio, who is an author, writer, brand advisor, and top TedX speakers of all time with over 7 million views (yes, she's awesome), is one of my favorite clients and now friends.

Over the past 3 years, she has evolved her business and brand quite a bit. And I've had the privilege to help her along each step as needed.

In those 3 years, we've made multiple event videos, website videos, and even an exclusive audio series! And to top it off, all of this has just recently lead to the publication of her hit book Unfollow Your Passion

Gateless Writing Retreats

Social Media Excerpt

As Terri presents at large conferences around the United States, she heavily relies on word of mouth and video excerpts to book more speaking engagements so that she can make a bigger impact.

This video excerpt, optimized for social media, is one of many tools that Terri uses to sell her expertise.

"[Kristian] is a man who sees video as an art form.

And it takes a true professional and an artist to capture what happens in real life, in a way that's digestible as an art form."

-Terri Trespicio

Houston, TX 2019

“I can tell you, you're getting more than a guy with a video camera... you're getting a guy with vision”

Terri Trespicio- Speaker, Brand Advisor, & Author of Unfollow Your Passion