The Art of Positive Disruption

Client: Kristina Eisenhower

Producer and editor: Kristian Golick


The Art of Positive Disruption is the self-help book that doesn't feel like a self-help book. The author, Kristina Eisenhower, hates the typical "here's why you're broken, and here's how to fix it" tone of most self-help books.

That's why her book doesn't even have chapters! The book is full of vignettes that help draw out your own ideas to living a more colorful, kaleidoscopic life!

My goal was to convey all of her positive energy and love into a short 2 minute video, establishing what the book is, why it's different than other self-help books, and how it has the potential to change your perception of everyday life!

Creative Design

An author's book reel is their identity statement. When pitching opportunities to speak at an engagement or workshop, their book reel is the first, and sometimes last impression.

That's why when designing book reels, I make sure it matches their brand identity. This goes beyond just colors and fonts.

I design animations specifically for the authors. Whether it's utilizing a highlighter effect for a writing coach author or a paint brush for a creative empowerment author, I make sure the animations in the reel match the tone and brand of each author.