The Intensive

Client: Terri Trespicio

Producer/Cam Op: Kristian Golick


The Intensive was a 3 day writing workshop, held at a luxury retreat space right outside of Austin, Texas. Hosted and moderated by Terri Trespicio, this writing retreat workshop was designed to help people craft their next book, speech, presentation, or whatever they wanted. Their core message was what needed to be brought out. That is exactly what Terri helped each attendee do, through writing.

This project was one of my favorites of 2019. Being that this retreat space was a luxury property that everyone stayed at, I was able to fully immerse myself with the group. It was an intimate experience, with only a dozen of us total. It felt very assuring that I, a 6'4" guy, was able to be perceptively invisible to a small group of writers as they were working. We all spent our downtime together, and became close in those 3 days.