Garry Herbert

Garry Herbert, a marketing director at Harmelin Media, wanted to make a difference in his town. He became mayor of his town, Lansdale, and when it came time for re-election, he wanted to make a big statement.

He challenged me with helping him craft the narrative around his re-election that would result in at least a 5-10% bump in voter turnout.

Garry and I implemented the B2A strategy for his campaign. We began crafting the overall story that he wanted to tell in pre-production, then proceeded with production. In production, we filmed testimonials of the right people who we knew could tell Garry's story as mayor through their eyes. Beyond the story of Garry's character, we wanted to give the people of Lansdale hard facts of Garry's policies and ideas for the town. To achieve that, we schedule a podcast style fireside chat with a local reporter.

After telling Garry's story through the eyes of his town, and providing tangible evidence of his resolution, it was time to create the "action" video that asked his community to once again vote for him to be their mayor on November 2nd.

Garry won his election, and had a 95.6% increase of votes for him!

Campaign Videos

Ad Cut Downs

The focus of Garry's video campaign was on the 3 videos. 2 of which defined his character, and 1 that called for the people's votes.

To maximize the reach of these videos and his message, we made social media cut downs of all 3 videos.

Garry used these in his ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram to reach as many voters in Lansdale as he could.

Borough-Lansdale-Pennsylvania_Garry_Herbert_Low_Res-2_350 copy

"I wanted to tell a story... Kristian and his team did a great job of immersing themselves in why this was taking place and how they could enhance it."

Garry Herbert, Director of New Business at Harmelin Media + Mayor of Lansdale, Pennsylvania